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My Approach

It’s simple: I help clients to free themselves of the bonds that prevent them from living the way they truly want to - so that they can enjoy life, give and receive love and warmth, and experience supportive relationships. We work together to explore and understand what lies behind the internal barriers or negative beliefs that are holding them back. This can sometimes be a difficult process, so I always move at the client’s pace, and do not push them to deal with particular issues until they feel ready.

My perspective is that we all have a broad tool kit of qualities and abilities to help us get through life, but that experiences can cause some of these to be dulled, or so rusty that we forget we even have them. I aim to help people reconnect to their full range of innate qualities so that they are whole again. This enables them to cope with things that would otherwise regularly cause anxiety, depression, fear or anger – and to live a more complete, happy and fulfilling life.

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My Methodology

A lot of my work focuses on the effects of trauma, by which I mean deep psychological wounding, either recent or in the more distant past. Trauma can encompass many experiences, including ones you may not have thought of, such as being continually shouted at, neglected or made to feel ‘not good enough’ as a child. Identifying trauma can help to understand a person’s behaviour, everyday responses and life patterns.

I draw on a variety of perspectives, including psychodynamic therapy, existential therapy, sensorimotor psychotherapy, internal family systems, integrative therapy, family constellation therapy, transpersonal therapy, meditation and yoga therapy. In my experience a combination of talking and working with the body is often the most effective way to help clients bring about change.

I will also explain to clients the psychological issues and the therapeutic approaches taken. That way, the mystery of therapy is removed and clients feel informed and in control.

I have a grounding in physiology and a keen interest in how the latest developments in neurobiology can contribute to helping clients. Neurobiological approaches can help deal with complex psychological issues in the most effective and long-lasting manner. I treat everything brought to me in strictest confidence and abide by both the UKCP and BACP codes of ethics and conduct.

Please reach out by email or phone: 07434 679764
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